Our services are geared toward solving complex, unstructured problems that diminish financial, clinical, quality and operational performance across the continuum.
Our Strategy Center of Excellence is dedicated to helping health systems and hospitals across the country explore a variety of approaches to expand service offerings and grow top-line revenue in today’s dynamic environment.

Strategy and Performance Improvement

  • Service Line Planning and Structuring
  • Growth Strategy
  • Strategic Cost Betterment
  • Merger / Acquisition / Partnership Advisory
  • Technology Strategy and Optimization
  • IT Benefits Realization
  • Value-based Program Engagement
  • Care Delivery Process Improvement
  • Care Management, Patient Flow and Throughput Efficiency
  • Revenue Cycle Optimization
  • Patient Family Experience
  • Virtual Health Strategy and Infrastructure

Strategy Center of Excellence

Integrating and aligning strategic advisory, enabling technology and operational expertise of C-Suite and Board-level professionals

Strategy Center of Excellence Services

  • Service Line Planning and Structuring
  • Growth Strategy
  • Strategic Cost Betterment
  • Merger/Acquisition/Partnership Advisory
  • Technology Strategy and Optimization
  • IT Benefits Realization
  • Care Delivery Process Improvement
  • Case Management and Throughput Improvement
  • Revenue Cycle Optimization
  • Patient and Family Experience
  • Virtual Health Strategy and Infrastructure
  • Value-based Program Engagement


Value-based healthcare requires HCOs to practice a more lean and higher quality of care. It is no wonder existing problems are amplifying quickly by the intensity of dynamic cost pressures and regulations.

Hospitals, case management departments and post-acute facilities are trying to find ways to maximize existing software utilization and optimize processes to reduce unnecessary readmissions, reduce loss of revenue, and identify opportunities for process improvement and improved reimbursement.


Our Consulting team brings decades of clinical, financial and especially IT experience guiding HCO’s to define, analyze and eliminate impediments to seamless, cost effective quality care.

We provide detailed assessments of clinical processes and IT systems used in day to day patient care. With thorough review and analysis of the findings, our recommendations and improvement project plans are based on client specific needs coupled with industry best practices.


  • Focused Process Analysis and Measurement, Improvement Project Planning, Implementation of Change Support, Sustainability Planning, and Process and Outcome Improvements
  • Case Management operations including Discharge Planning, Utilization Review, Denial Management, Readmissions, and Length of Stay Management
  • Transitions of Care and Care Continuum Department Strategy, Standardization, and Design
  • Inpatient/Acute Case Management, Social Work, Ambulatory Case Management, and Post Acute workflow improvement
  • Interim Director leadership, staffing ratios, and CM/UR staffing services for Case Management
  • IT and Operational Assessments, Gap Analysis, and Vendor Selection for Case Management
  • Build and optimize bi-directional patient transition processes between and among Acute Care and Post Acute Preferred Provider Networks.
  • Expertise with leading EMR and IT Systems
  • Ambulatory Case Management consulting for workflow, department design, care planning, content and program development, contracting and growth strategy

CM Department Health Check:

  • High level Department Overview Assessment
  • Chart Audit Review
  • Data Review and Analysis
  • CM and EHR IT Utilization Assessment
  • Best Practice Recommendations
  • Executive Summary for Optimization Opportunities
  • Staffing Ratios
  • Learning Needs Assessment
  • Total Joint Program Assessment

Physician Engagement:

  • Conduct second level medical necessity reviews for all patient cases that do not meet screening criteria or do not have a documented expectation of length of stay
  • Provide recommendations on inpatient admissions, outpatient and observation services, or case not appropriate for hospital level services
  • Facilitate process of engaging hospital physicians to provide input on medical necessity, clinical documentation improvement and denial case review

21 Point Inspection for Case Management Operations

  • “Deep Dive” onsite Analysis of Care Management Operations
  • Data Review and Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • CM and EHR IT Assessment and Optimization Analysis
  • Case Management Department Productivity Analysis
  • DRG and Population Analysis
  • Outcome Improvement Opportunities
  • Utilization Management and UR Committee Current State Assessment
  • Criteria Based Compliance Review and Assessment
  • Discharge Planning and Care Transitions Assessment
  • Best Practice Recommendations and Executive Summary